Tara Duncan's Onyx Collective has officially acquired the rights to Mahershala Ali's newest drama The Plot. The upcoming series will stream on Hulu. It is the first major project that the Onyx Collective has gotten in their relatively new company. Duncan explained

I was captivated with Hanff Korelitz's book, The Plot and Abby's distinct point of view reinvents the story in a way that spoke to me and our mission at Onyx Collective...There are so many interesting angles and nuances, that having the creative genius that is Mahershala Ali at the center of this mystery, is just a dream. Kristen and Layne have done a phenomenal job bringing this team together and I could not be more proud to work alongside them and Endeavor Content to bring this incredible series to our global audience.

'The Last of Us' has been linked to Mahershala Ali
(Photo : Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)
HBO has apparently found the perfect person to play the role of Ellie in "The Last of Us" adaptation.

The story, which is based off of the book The Plot by author Jean Hanff Korelitz, follows the story of a writer who makes a mistake in committing literary theft. The writer, Jake, who will be played by Mahershala Ali, must take dramatic action in order to protect his new life. The leading actor himself alongside Amatus Karim Ali and Mimi Valdés are executive producing the work. Valdés shared:

Hollywood is still not greenlighting enough projects with multidimensional Black characters, stories that simply focus on our humanity. The rarity of a straight-to-series order, especially for BIPOC projects, is not lost on us...We are beyond humbled to work with such an amazing team of collaborators to bring this incredible book to life.

We can't wait to see this incredible story on Hulu!