Not EVERYTHING Ye is doing right now is directly linked to Kim Kardashian.

The star has been under close examination ever since it was announced that Kardashian and he would be getting a divorce, and that scrutiny has only gotten stronger in the past week, since he started publicly dating actress Julia Fox.

Gossip was quick to accuse West of only dating the actress to make his ex jealous, but if the romantic tale of their second date is to be believed, we're thinking Kardashian was one of the last things on his mind that night.

Now, the artist formerly known as Kanye West is speaking out against another viscious rumor surrounding his separation from the reality star: His purchase of the $4.5 million mansion across the street from hers. The moment he bought it, it was assumed that he was doing so to try to remain close to Kim Kardashian, but he told Hollywood Unlocked today that he has a much better reason than that.


"My solace comes from seeing my kids and getting a solid schedule. That's why I got the house. They flipped it in the media like there was something wrong with me getting a house next to my kids.

"You see when my mom took me from Atlanta to Chicago, my dad dindn't come to the coldest and most dangerous city in the world to be next to me. He said, 'I wanna stay down in Atlanta, because of my career.'

There's nothing with my career, with this rap, wiht this media, with none of that, that's gonna keep me from my children, and that's what I want everybody to know. Don't play with me. Don't play with my ain't gonna run this narrative on me."

West's purchase of the house so close to Kardashian's was, if anything, the most mature and selfless move he could have possibly made. It can't be easy to maintain a relationship with someone you so recently went through something so painful and difficult with - let alone live close enough that you might catch a glimpse of Pete Davidson driving her car around - but he is choosing to deal with that pain and stay in it so that his kids can have the stable and secure environment that he never did.

The only thing we know about the Kardashian-West family for sure right now? Kanye is doing everything he can to be the best dad he can be to North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago.