Film director David O. Russell released this week the trailer for American Hustler, which features an A-list cast from his last two movies.

American Hustle stars Russell's Silver Linings Playbook actors Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro. It also includes two leads from Russell's The Fighter-- Christian Bale and Amy Adams. Adding to the cast, the award-winning screenwriter brought on Jeremy Renner (The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy), who starred inThe Town alongside Ben Affleck.

Russell co-wrote the script that is a fictionalized version of the true-life story of Abscam, a FBI sting operation that closely followed politicians and mobsters in the late 70s and early 80s. The operation led to the arrest of six members in Congress.

Cooper plays a con artist who is forced to work undercover for the FBI. He sports a curly perm as Richie DeMaso, who has to help bring down Bale's con artist character, Irving Rosenfeld. Lawrence plays Bale's on-screen wife and Adam plays the girlfriend to Cooper's character.

Russell described the story he co-wrote as a "wide world of amazing characters," according to Mail Online.

In the trailer below, Lawrence is seductive as Rosalyn Rosenfeld, a Long Island housewife who tries to seduce her husband as she crawls on all fours. Adams also shows off her sexy side when she pulls off a fur coat to reveal a white cut-out monokini swimsuit.

The visuals in the teaser are electrifying with 70s disco-era fashion, hair and makeup, as Led Zeppelin's Good Times, Bad Times plays in the background.

The documentary-drama is highly anticipated because actors that have worked with Russell's previous two films have earned awards and nominations for their performance under his direction. Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress Oscar in February and a slew of other honors for her role in Playbook; Bale earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Fighter while Cooper and Adams earned Best Supporting Oscar nods for their roles in the same two movies.

American Hustle will arrive in theaters in December.

Watch the preview trailer for American Hustle below