Caroline Manzo celebrated her 29th wedding anniversary with Albert Manzo last month and shared several photos from their 1984 nuptials.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star had her niece Ashlee Holmes put together a video slide show of her nuptials. SEE THE WEDDING PHOTOS.

Holmes debuted the video on her official blog, writing:

"Hey you guys!! So... as SOME of you may already know.. the other day was my Aunt Caroline and Uncle Al's 29th wedding anniversary. ( How awesome --right?! ) Anyway, my Aunt Caroline asked me to put together a slide show of some of her favorite photos to present to my Uncle Al the morning of their anniversary. ( SOOOO ROMANTICAL!!! I can't ) My Uncle Al LOVED IT!! I thought the photos were too cute not to share... so with my Aunt's permission.. check it out." [Watch the Video.]

Reflecting on her marriage, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told EnStars in July that she and Albert's anniversary was low key.

"After so many years, it is just having breakfast together and going out to lunch and having a grilled cheese sandwich and enjoying it," Caroline said. "I'm just happy to have him around."

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Caroline revealed the couple are happy and in love, shooting down all those cheating rumors.

The cheating allegations began after Caroline candidly admitted in her book, Let Me Tell You Something, that she and her husband Albert have been together for so long that it would be ridiculous to think he's remained completely faithful for the past 32 years. Of course, Caroline thinks readers -- and the media -- read too much into that passage.

"I am very realistic when I look at life. All I said is that Al and I have been together since we were 18 and 19 years old, so I think the chances are pretty good that something happened along the lines in life," she told EnStars at Mohegan Sun's Reality Check event on July 12.

Caroline continued: "What is crazy to me is that everybody beat up on my poor husband, but really he has those odds against him as well. No one ever asked, 'Could Caroline have cheated on Al?' Everybody just picked up on that one story and ran with it."

"My poor husband got beat up about that, but it works both ways. It could have been me who cheated -- or neither of us. It was just a thought, but everyone just went crazy with it," the Real Housewives of New Jersey star said.