TODAY show co-host Hoda Kotb talked with Enstars Wednesday about the fun she has on the morning show with Kathie Lee Gifford and revealed a certain royal she is dying to interview.

Kotb, 49, was emcee at SELF Magazine's Women Doing Good Awards, held in New York City. She got to talking about her daily experiences on TODAY, memorable moments and how the hosts are lucky things do not end up becoming a disaster on air.

"Every day on our show could be a debacle so every day is unique and its got its own personality," she said. "I think when we do any of those things on the plaza with all the music, every concert to me is memorable. To be out there shaking it and just being with everybody."

Regardless of who their guests are that day, Kotb and Gifford always have fun on the show. They enjoy a glass of wine each morning on air, to which Kotb explained "it just gets us through," and there are always laughs involved.

Kotb accidentally revealed her cellphone number live on national television when showing off the features of the new Samsung watchphone on Sept. 5. By the time the two morning hosts had returned from commercial break, Kotb had 20 new voicemails and 1,012 text messages. After she received hundreds more from unknown numbers, including one porn message, Kotb was required to change her number. That incident gave the co-hosts a good laugh.

"For Kathie Lee and I, we seem to have fun honestly no matter who is sitting in the chair opposite us," she said.

Their guests range from all walks of life and some of Kotb's favorites over the years include Will Ferrell ("I'm peeing in my pants cuz I'm laughing"), Aretha Franklin (I'm all inspired because you're sitting with a legend"), Vicki Laurence and Mary Tyler Moore.

"I like anybody who tells the truth," she explained. "If someone's telling you their heart, that's a great interview to me."

WIth all the interviews she has conducted througout the span of her career, there is still one person she wants to talk to.

"I'd love to have Kate Middleton and [talk to her about] everything, all of it," she said. "What it's like to live that life, the baby, her husband, the Queen. I'd like to know everything."