Get your tissues ready for Monday's episode (Oct. 14) of The Young and the Restless.

At the side of the road, Billy pleads with the paramedics to save his daughter -- but it doesn't look good.

Later at the hospital, Billy frantically begs the staff to tell him what's going on with Delia. "I'll never leave her alone again," he sobs, as a doctor emerges and says they're doing everything they can.

Meanwhile, Adam drives home, thinking about Connor needing corneal transplants. Once at home, he rants to Chelsea and hints he'll go to the black market if he must.

Key Evidence Found on Adam's Car? 

The phone rings, and it's Victoria with news about Delia. She hangs up and tells Adam that Delia was hurt.

"It seems she may have been hit by a car while chasing her puppy," she says, as Adam flashes to stopping for the dog. He goes out and looks at his vehicle and finds a sliver of orange plastic missing from his front headlight.

Did Adam Run Over Delia?

At the hospital, a doctor tells Billy, "I'm sorry Mr. Abbott."

Billy sobs, "Are you telling me my daughter's...Delia's dead? I'm sorry..."

Chloe runs into the hospital shouting, "Where is she? Where's my little girl?"

She sees Victoria and asks, "How bad was the accident?" Victoria can't answer. Chloe enters the room calling for Billy. She clutches her hair and shakes her head as he breaks the news.

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