On today's episode (Oct. 15) of The Young and the Restless, Billy breaks the news to Chloe about Delia. She screams, cries, and collapses in grief.

Chloe wants to see Delia, but Billy doesn't think it's a good idea. Chloe turns on Kevin and says it's his fault. If she hadn't been on a date, her daughter would still be alive. Kevin reminds Chloe that the last thing she told Delia was "I love you" and insists that she got to say goodbye.

At home, Adam checks his headlight and tells himself the damage could have been there for weeks. He doesn't notice a shred of cloth hanging down.

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When Chelsea arrives, she explains Delia died and it was a hit and run. She chokes out, "She didn't make it. Delia's gone."

Jack says the driver deserves to burn in hell. Adam asks Chelsea if they know who did it. Chelsea doesn't think so. Adam thinks about swerving to miss the dog, and then goes to comfort Connor.

At the car, Chelsea drops her keys and picks them up, but doesn't see the scrap of fabric on Adam's vehicle.

At the station, Alex barks orders about the surveillance cameras from the hit and run area.

Later, Billy walks to the side of the road where Delia died and sits down.

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