On Wednesday's episode (Oct. 16) of The Young and the Restless, Adam makes a discovery that could change everything.

At home, he flashes to just missing the dog with his car and goes back to look at his headlight again. In the garage, Adam finds fabric from Delia's costume and is horrified. He goes inside and hides it.

Adam picks up Connor and tells him he'll always protect him, saying: "Being with you is all that matters now."

Chelsea talks more about Delia, admitting, "I guess there are no guarantees in life."

ICYMI: Adam and Chelsea Get Bad News about Connor

At the hospital, Chloe is inconsolable. Suddenly, a woman called checks on Chloe and says she can see Delia - "she's on the second floor."

Chloe says she's going up to see Delia. "Room 254." She goes upstairs to the room Delia is in.

Later, Adam returns home and Chelsea tells him Chloe is destroyed. 

 Adam Goes to Extreme Measures to Help Connor 

"The driver could have stopped and called 911 and maybe Delia could have been saved," she says.

Adam tears up. Chelsea asks what's wrong. He admits, "This is killing me."