On the Oct. 17 episode of The Young and the Restless, Adam tries not to let his guilt take over -- and instead focuses on Connor.

Chelsea tells him it's not his fault Connor will go blind. He dismally reminds her they have to hope for a baby or kid to die for a cornea donation.

She says they have a lot to feel thankful for and the only person that should be feel guilty is the monster who hit Delia.

She continues to talk about whether the person will come forward and goes on about him being locked up.

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Adam needs to focus on being there for Connor and decides to arrange a black market deal to help his son. After speaking with someone on the phone, Adam take an envelope of cash and says he's going to the park to finish the "deal."

Later, at the park, Adam meets a thug and warns him if he scams him, he'll personally track him down and cut out his eyes.

He hands over the money and then takes a deep breath. Adam turns around and Billy appears.

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