'Sleepy Hollow' Fox: Creators Promise Headless Background, Crane and Mills Fight Scarecrow and Golem, NYCC Reveals VIDEO


Fox's Sleepy Hollow has managed to become one of the fall's biggest breakout hits and the series' creators assure fans that the monsters will keep coming.

The cast of the multi-genre hybrid visited New York Comic Con last weekend in order to drop a few hints at what is in store for Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie). According to co-creator Alex Kurtzman, the monster of the week will always pull on the duo's emotions as well as provide a strong tie in to the mystery of the four horsemen.

"People seem to really like how expansive the [Sleepy Hollow] world is and...that gives us license to keep opening those doors as long as it's always grounded in some sort of real emotional idea," Kurtzman told Coming Soon. "I mean, Sandman is a good example because Sandman could have been just a demon of the week but Sandman was literally a manifestation of Abbie's past and of her guilt and of something she hadn't dealt with."

Although Headless himself hasn't made an appearance recently, actor Orlando Jones, who plays Captain Frank Irving, revealed that viewers will soon get to know a lot more about the Horseman's past.

"What's cool is you also get to learn about his back story," Jones explained, according to Coming Soon. "To actually see him before he was headless and to understand a bit of why he became [the Horseman]...to go back into that mythology and to understand who he is as a human before he became what he is."

In the meantime, the writers have produced a bevy of supernatural entities for the residents of Sleepy Hollow to take on. As the season progresses, the blurry demon will become clearer and popular myths such as the Scarecrow and the Golem will make appearances.

"One of our demons that you see right now, you don't really see him that well because he's blurred," said co-creator Len Wiseman, according to Coming Soon. "Over the course of the series, as these people, as our characters'...senses get stronger, we'll be able to see that guy clearer and clearer and get to reveal a little bit of him."

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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