Oct 26, 2013 10:16 AM EDT By Lauren DuBois

10 Most Controversial Halloween Costumes of All Time: Outfits that Have Shocked Over the Years [PHOTOS]

With Halloween right around the corner, the yearly debate over costumes that are too sexualized or inappropriate has resumed once again. Adding to the debate this year was a ban at the University of Colorado-Boulder, which put a ban on costumes that could be deemed offensive to fellow students, including geishas, Native Americans, 'hood' costumes and cowboys.

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  • The 'Sexy Arab' Costume That is Offensive to Islamic Women
  • The 'Hitler' Halloween Costume that was once marketed towards kids in Japan
  • Hitler Mustache Marketed As Comical Costume Accessory
  • The 'Burning Twin Towers' Costume
  • 'Anna Rexia' Halloween Costume
  • Naughty Leopard Costume Aimed at Toddlers
  • 'Maximum Restraint' Mental Patient Costume
  • 'Country Lovin' Costume
  • Ring Toss Guy Costume
  • 'Sexy Chinese Takeout' Costume
  • 'Tribal Princess' Native American Costume
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