An online petition to save ABC's scrapped show "GCB" has been set up by fans who were gutted to find out that the show will not continue next season.  A website call has been created by Randy Bragdon, which has a petition to "Save GBC: Tell ABC Not to Cancel GCB".  The site already received over 14,450 signatures. When it reaches 15,000, the petition will be sent toABC Entertainment in a bid to save the show.

UPDATE: GCB Petition Gets Over 40k Signatures; Wendy Williams Starts Own Petition to Save Hit Show

The website reads:

"This petition is directed to the management of ABC Entertainment regarding their new show GCB, currently shown at 10:00 pm on Sundays. We, the undersigned, wish to show our eagerness for the show to be given a chance to prove itself for a second season and beyond.If the viewers are given enough time to engage in this continuing narrative we believe they will become loyal, long-term fans of the show. Thank you for taking the time to read this - here's to many future successful episodes of GCB!"

ABC has cancelled its controversial "GCB" series, along with "The River" ,"Missing" and "Pan Am".

The show averaged just under 6 million viewers and the network decided not to go on with the second season.

The original title of the show was "Good Christian Bitches", which raised eyebrows. It then changed to "Good Christian Belles", before the name finally settled on GCB. The series was based on a novel by Kim Gatlin called "Good Christian Bitches."

According to Pegasus News, One Million Moms boycotted the controversial first season of the show, saying it offered a "bigoted portrayal of Christianity."

The show's cast tweeted their disappointment of the show after the news broke.

Cast member Jennifer Aspen. She tweeted on Friday: "I'm so sorry to tell you all that #GCB has been cancelled by ABC. #Heartbroken."

Leslie Bibb, who plays Amanda, tweeted: "To all u #GCB fans & Amanda lovers, thx 4 the <3..Appreciate it & just wait, we'll get 2 go on a new fun ride somewhere else! #lifeisperfect".

Actress Kristin Chenoweth wrote "Our entire ensemble of actors on GCB are saddened. :("

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