The X Factor narrowed the playing field by two on Thursday, dropping the Top 12 down to the Top 10.

Now in the third week of live performances, the Fox show said goodbye to Carlos Guevara before performances on Wednesday. Ousted due to a re-vote from the prior week, Guevara would have performed Mad World by Tears For Fears.

The first elimination of the night threw both the crowd and the judges for a loop. Sweet Suspense received the least votes from America's viewers and the group was told to head home.

Assembled by Simon Cowell, the group performed Toni Basil's 1981 hit Mickey during the previous night's competition. After the results were announced, Cowell continued to praise the girl's work and stated that there were worse acts America could have voted off in their place.

With Sweet Suspense out of the running, the competition to stay in the game came down to Khaya Cohen and Rachel Potter. The Bottom Two went head to head in an effort to snag the judges' final vote.

Cohen performed Don't Give Up On Me by Joe Cocker while Potter went for Shania Twain's From This Moment On (see videos below).

In a 3-1 vote the judges chose to eliminate Potter. The only person to attempt to remove Cohen was Kelly Rowland who seemingly faced a tough choice in not wanting to eliminate either of the contestants.

The X Factor airs Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.