'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers:Adam The Person Responsible For The Death Of Delia?


Details on the upcoming episode of the CBS hit soap, The Young and The Restless, have indeed surfaced, as the installment is set to feature Billy going to a support group, Avery upset with Leslie's involvement, and Sharon and Nick on an outing with Faith.

Sharon speaks about running into Victor to Nick, who gets angry that Adam defended her.

"Adam destroys anything and anyone he touches," Nick says.

Avery is distracted and informs Leslie that Dylan kissed her. However, Avery is worried about the secret she's withholding from him.

While at the park, Dylan runs into Chelsea and Connor. She tells him that her and Adam have come to an agreement to raise him together and that the decision was hers.

Adam has yet another dream about Delia, and then gets on the Internet and reads the message board. Chelsea soon arrives home and goes on about the hit-and-run driver remaining at large, which sets off Adam, who says "Enough! Please!" However, he quickly apologizes to her.

Billy and Victoria listen to a woman at the support group who's speaking about her late son Sam, who she lost when he was just 7-years-old. The counselor soon calls on Adam, who's not yet ready to speak to the group. Victoria soon talks about what occurred to Delia and asked for both help and advice on the matter.

Now home, Vikki and Billy talk about the support meeting they attended. The two commend each other on their bravery for attending. He gives her his word that he'll keep going. Billy apologizes for how he's acted toward her and Johnny and they soon embrace.

Adam is on Billy's message board and types "Maybe the person is paying."

Billy notices Adam's post, becomes irritated, and writes "Like hell he is. But he's going to."

Thursday, Nov. 14 The Young and The Restless Recap

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