In Sunday's new episode of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6, Porsha Stewart will make a shocking confession related to her estranged husband Kordell Stewart.

Porsha explains the need for seeing a therapist in her on-camera confessional in the teaser below.

"When Kordell filed for divorce it really hit me hard it made me pull from everyone," she said. "Now I need to sit down and see someone about everything that is happening."

During her therapy session Porsha revealed new startling information about how controlling Kordell was--her name was not on the deed to the house they lived in and her name was not on any of the bank accounts.

"I was living a lie. I wanted people to see a completely different picture from what was actually happening," she told the cameras directly. "Kordell was a [different] person behind closed doors."

"You could have just been the hired help," Porsha's therapist explained to her after she learned the socialite handled Kordell's business affairs.

"I thought that's what a wife was [suppose to do]," Porsha defended.

"Did you have a husband or did you have a father?" the therapist asked.

Porsha then made a shocking confession.

"It was kind of like a father but that's what attracted me to him because my father died when I was 17 years old," she explained of her decision to marry him.

The therapist then ripped into Porsha in the clip telling her client, "No, its not the same relationship, you don't sleep with your father."

"The question is why did you marry him?" she asked.

"My father always had a plan for me and Kordell had that characteristic and that was familiar to me from my father," Porsha shared.

Also during Sunday's episode, Phaedra Parks will confront her husband Apollo Nida about his text message exchange with her nemesis Kenya Moore. Nida revealed in a previous episode that he bumped into Moore in Los Angeles and she propositioned him with a sex act via text messages.

According to  the preview, Parks told Nida that Kandi Burruss personally looked at Moore's phone to review his controversial text message history with her. After Nida insisted he did nothing wrong, Parks told her husband to never communicate with her friends without her knowledge again. 

The next epsiode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 will premiere at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo