Khloe Kardashian has kept quiet on her marriage problems with husband Lamar Odom, but if she decides to go through with the divorce, the couple's sex tape might be leaked, according to a new report. 

The National Enquirer reported that Odom has laid out his conditions if a divorce was to happen, and may expose the intimate home video they made.

"Lamar is also prepared to destroy Khloe's reputation by discussing their sex tape, and how she targeted him and tore his family apart," the source told the magazine.

"Kris is insisting on a confidentiality agreement to ensure Lamar can  never discuss his life with the Kardashians either in print or verbally.

Odom will also demand Kardashian to give back the $875,000 engagement ring she still wearing, along with $10 million. 

"Kris and Khloe are very worried about Lamar. He's a loose cannon, and he has a  lot of dirt on the family and nothing to lose," an insider told the Enquirer.

"He knows all about their extreme surgery procedures - when, how often and  how much - and the pressure put on the younger girls to follow suit."

Enstars reported earlier that of a video that leaked of Odom admitting that he cheated on his wife. TMZ obtained the video of the basketball player seen with his friend, Jamie Sangouthai talking about drugs, money and what he does when he is away from his wife.

"And when Khloe's out of town, I guess I'll still be on the DL," Odom says in the clip.