'Falling Skies' Season 4 Spoilers: Tom And The Masons Separated, Allies Dwindle as Rebel Skitters Are Punished VIDEO


The 2nd Mass and the Mason family will be scattered shortly after the beginning of Falling Skies fourth season, but that doesn't mean they will be any less of a target for the various forms of alien life currently wandering the planet.

Tom (Noah Wyle) may have been recently reunited with Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and not-so-baby Lexi but the band of resistance fighters will be overcome by an attack during the premiere. While humans may have been able to battle their enemies while united, now that they are "abandoned, separated, and alone, everything's changed."

Stuck in yet another predicament, Tom will begin to wonder if he made a mistake not taking Volm's offer of sanctuary in Brazil.

Tom has to deal with the fact that he may have been a bit rash or a bit impetuous in turning his back on the olive branch that they extended at the end of season 3," said new executive producer David Eick in a video interview with IGN. "That's not to suggest that the Volm have changed sides or that they are in anyway a negative force, but they're not exactly as altruistic as they may have appeared."

Despite the Volm's possible allegiance, the 2 nd Mass will still be down one set of allies. The rebel skitters will not longer be lending their many arms to the freedom fighters and they will suffer for their past involvement.

"Those rebels are dully punished for their rebellion...and that punishment manifests itself in a way that is pretty horrible and disgusting," Eick explained.

Falling Skies will return to TNT next summer with a 12 episode season.

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