The highly anticipated iPhone 6 from Apple might include several new features, including 3D capabilities.

Apple recently acquired PrimeSense, a company that builds sensors allowing for user-product interaction. With the acquisition of PrimeSense, Apple might be developing a 3D sensor for the iPhone 6, which would allow the user to potentially take a photo of something and be able to measure its mass.

"It sounds technical, but a phone with that capability could perhaps [take a] picture of your recently expired refrigerator, for example, and be able to immediately recommend new refrigerators that would fill the exact same space, not to mention match the colors in the rest of your kitchen," tech expert James McQuivey wrote in AdAge. "That's a phone Apple and its developers could have a lot of fun with."

Additionally, Apple is already working to improve their Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which debuted on the iPhone 5s in late 2013. According to, Apple is designing the Touch ID to be a trackpad for future devices.

The new Touch ID would require a certain combination of rotating and twisting with the user's fingerprints to use certain apps. This allows for even further privacy when it comes to sensitive apps like Mail and Banking.

Though an official release date for the iPhone 6 has not been announced by Apple, it can be assumed that they will unveil the new phone in 2014. Apple has unveiled a new version of the iPhone every year since its first.