Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry's girlfriend, might be in princess bootcamp to prepare to join the royal family, but she still has a habit of taking public transportation, which isn't necessarily considered "princess like", and the royal security officers want her to stop.

According to the Daily Star, they feel that it's too dangerous the long-time girlfriend of Prince Harry to take London public buses and the Tube as her relationship with the royal continues to get more and more serious. 

But Bonas doesn't seem to care and wants to keep taking the train to stay authentic and genuine, despite being advised to travel by car. 

One of her friends told the publication, "Her own words are that she is 'keeping it real.' She still takes the Tube whenever she has to travel, despite Harry having a fleet of cars at his disposal."

The fact that Bonas is now considered a terror target makes security urge her even more to take a car. But they haven't been able to convince her just yet. In fact, she doesn't seem to think that people riding the bus or Tube will even recognize her as Prince Harry's girlfriend. 

Her friend added, "Last weekend she was out and about on the District and Circle lines. She feels lucky that her face isn't so well known, so she hasn't had to abandon her normal life."

Even though the royal security team wants her to ride in a personal car to make sure she stays safe, her rebellion and choice to still taking public transportation is definitely not causing a strain in her and Prince Harry's relationship. 

"That's the main reason Harry likes her so much --she's no pushover. She has a number to call if things ever get scary but she has no official public protection unless she's with Harry."

Cressida's defiance against the royal security is said to remind many of Prince Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, who made similar choices like driving her own car.