Beyonce, Blue Ivy PHOTOS With Husband Jay Z in Part 4 'Self Titled' of New Album: Talks Motherhood, Watch VIDEO

Beyonce is back for Part 4 of her "Self Titled" documentary and shares intimate footage of her life with Blue Ivy and husband Jay Z during the beginning recording stages of her fifth studio album, BEYONCE.

During the five minute video, the 32-year-old Drunk in Love singer revealed how she invited a few of the best songwriters to her home in The Hamptons to brainstorm. She also noted how Jay Z proposed to her on his birthday and the inspiration behind her Partition video.

Beyonce also revealed she was 195 pounds when she gave birth and worked hard to lose 65 pounds following Blue's birth.

"Just because you become a mother, it doesn't mean you lose who you are," she says in the beginning of the clip.

"I was breastfeeding with cornrows in my hair because I was spending so much time being a mother. I would take a few hours out of the day to record. In real life, I was this mother trying to get my focus and my dreams and myself back. Recording this album was such an outlet for me to escape and create whatever world and fantasy that was definitely at the time not happening."

Enstars reported earlier that Beyonce previously said nothing makes her more happier than being a mother.

"I have a lot of awards and things that are amazing, I worked my a** off and probably harder than anybody I know to get those things, but nothing feels like my child saying 'Mommy. Nothing feels like when I look at my husband in the eyes," she said.

WATCH Part 4 below:

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