Miami Zombie Victim Ronald Poppo Will Require $200,000 Surgery to Survive

Despite horrific injuries to more than half his face, cannibal victim Ronald Poppo is expected to survive the attack. The 65-year-old homeless man will need extensive facial reconstructive surgeries after having his nose bitten off and eyes gouged out by cannibal Rudy Eugene. The cost of the medical procedure is expected to range from $100,000 to $200,000 - all of which will be paid for by Dade County, Florida.


Plastic surgeon  Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery told Radar: "It could easily cost $100,000 to $200,000 for the reconstructive surgeries that he will need to get his face back. It will require an ophthalmologist, a cranial facial surgeon, a micros-surgeon and plastic surgeons. It is like something ripped from a TV plot - it would be like the Manhattan project to rebuild him."
Salzhauer told Radar that one of his eyes seem to be gone and that the most challenging part of the facial reconstruction will be his nose which had been completely bitten off.

Cannibal Victim Ronald Poppo: Sister Thought He was Dead for Long Time

Other experts have said Poppo faces a serious risk of infection from the germs off of Eugene's mouth which he used to tear Poppo's skin off. If Poppo does manage to pull through, he will have a permanently disfigured face and will take months of treatment to rebuild his facial features.

Ronald Poppo At Risk of Infection from Rudy Eugene's Mouth

Footage of the attack shows that homeless man Poppo was sleeping under the highway when naked Eugene, 31, pounced on him and started to eat his face. He then stripped off Poppo's bottom clothes, straddled him and continued with his attack. Although a cop came by and told him to stop, Eugene simply growled at him with pieces of flesh in his mouth and continued to savage Poppo.
It is believed that Rudy was high on bath salts leading to his psychotic behavior. But his girlfriend says he was a very sweet guy and believes there must have been a voodoo curse on him that drove him to commit such a heinous attack on another human being. 

Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene Loved God and Bible; Girlfriend Says He Was Voodoo Cursed

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