New conceptual designs for the iPhone 6 have been drawn up by fan-site iPhoneSoft.

The site designed possible concepts for the iPhone 6 based on the direction Apple is heading in with its latest phones. Their new designs include the "iPhone 6 Air," the "iPhone 6c" and the previously announced iOS 8 software.

Their iPhone 6 Air design includes a 4.5 inch display with thinner edges than any previous iPhone. The design features an SD card slot, which may be unlikely considering no iPhones have utilized them in the past.

iPhoneSoft predicts that the iPhone 6 Air would be designed after the current iPad/MacBook Air.

The iPhone 6c would have the same 4.5-inch display except it would be made with plastic, like the iPhone 5c. The cheaper iPhone model would come with a 13 megapixel camera. Both phones are expected to have dual flash and stabilizer for their camera functions.

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Additionally, the phones would come with Touch ID as well as the inclusion of Siri on the lock screen.

As for iOS 8, the publication predicts a sliding up gesture to unlock the iPhone, as opposed to the current gesture of sliding left to right.

The release date of the newest line of iPhones is still unknown. Though Apple has not officially announced a release date, or even an unveiling date yet, the latest rumors put the release at May 2014. However, iPhoneSoft predicts a later release date, which would make sense considering the iPhone 5 line was released in September 2013.

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