'Shameless' Season 4 Spoilers: The Gallagher Kids Growing Up Quick & Leaving the Coup? [Watch Full Episode]

The Gallagher family is back on Shameless, but they're more separated than ever.

The house is empty for a change in the season four premiere of the hit Showtime series.

Fiona To Go To Jail While Lip Struggles With College?

Showtime released the premiere episode early, on demand and online. The first episode, titled Simple Pleasures, starts out with Fiona frantically searching for a Bears jersey to wear to the game with boss Mike, and Debbie getting little too dressed up to go out with friends. Her high heels and makeup are a bit much for Fiona's taste.

Just from the opening of the season, fans can see that it highlights the children growing up. Besides Debbie getting all done to impress boys at the local arcade, Carl's voice is getting deeper and instead of being taken care of, the 12-year-old takes care of someone else. When Frank lands back in their house it is Carl's job to look over him.

Fans also get to see some scenes that don't take place in the Gallagher's hometown. Lip gets some airtime of his life in college at the University of Chicago. His genius but lazy ways aren't working as well as they used to when he gets a D on a paper.

Ian is still out of the picture, for the time being, and in his place is a focus on the Milkovich family. Mandy and Mickey are both seen looking at pictures of their crushes whom have moved on, showing some rare emotion from the stone cold Milkovichs.

Fiona To Get Into Relationship With Her Boss Mike?

The episode features three relationships heavily: Debbie and a new crush of hers, Mike and Fiona, and Carl and Frank bonding. Simple Pleasures also includes a big reveal: a surprise for Kevin and Veronica.

Shameless returns Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Watch Simple Pleasures early here.

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