HBO will premiere a new comedy on Sunday, Jan. 19 called Looking, which explores the lives of gay men living in San Francisco.

Looking stars Jonathan Groff (Glee), Frankie J. Alvarez (Smash) and Murray Bartlett (Guiding Light) as a trio of friends exploring life and love in the city of San Francisco. Groff stars as Patrick, a successful video game developer. Alvarez is an artist's assistant and is also the best friend of Patrick. Bartlett plays Dom, though few details are known about his character.

While Looking is centered on gay themes, Groff told critics as a Television Critics Association panel that it will explore many facets of gay life after the coming out stage.

"All the characters are gay, but that's not the big issue in their lives. It's not coming out stories," Groff explained.

"It is such a different time now there are a lot of pressures that gay people have from their parents that they didn't have before, like getting married," said creator/writer Michael Lannan. "Welcome to the mainstream, what do you do now?"

Lannan explained that the ultimate goal of Looking was in the exploration of diversity and different backgrounds, not just a person's sexuality.

"Its not just a show for gay people," said executive producer/director Andrew Haigh, joking, "there are some people on the street that you walk by that are straight."

Looking premieres Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO, following the show it is often being compared to, Girls.

Watch the Looking trailer here: