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'Looking' Not Returning For A Third Season?

The second season of HBO's gay dramedy series Looking has officially come to a close, but there has been no official word as of yet on whether or not the cable channel would renew the show.

Patrick & Kevin's Relationship Has An Awkward First Outing On 'Looking'

After waiting for a long time to finally have a chance at the happiness he has been seeking, Patrick (Jonathon Groff) can finally go public with Kevin (Russell Tovey) and call him his boyfriend on Looking-but being an official and publicly acknowledged couple isn't going to be easy for them.

Patrick, Dom & Doris Take An Eye-Opening Trip On 'Looking'

His romantic life has been somewhat of a shambles because of his continued troubles with both Richie (Raul Castillo) and Kevin (Russell Tovey), but a trip out of town with Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Doris (Lauren Weedman) won't necessarily make things better for Patrick (Jonathon Groff) on Looking.
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