'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: Emily Thorne Gets Drowned as Sarah's Mother Visits the Hamptons? PHOTOS/Promo Preview VIDEO

Emily VanCamp took to Twitter Tuesday, Jan. 14 and hinted about a possible spoiler for season 3 of Revenge regarding the fate of her character, Emily Thorne.

"Why do the @RevengeWriters love drowning me all the time? Looking forward to a day of it tomorrow!" VanCamp tweeted. She added the hashtags "bring it" and "torture."

Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden Mathis, tweeted as a reply "see you at the office."

The alleged "drowning " scene may have something to do with a pool. Revenge writer Ted Sullivan tweeted on Jan. 15 a photo of the show's crew filming a scene by what appears to be Nolan Ross' pool. He captioned the shot, "Best crew in town shooting @Revenge 313 Hatred. This pool scene v important! Don't miss it."

Episode 13, titled Hatred, airs Sunday, Jan. 19, on ABC.

Emily endured many water scenes in the past. She learned to focus and fight while being held in the water under the direction of her mentor Takeda. Fans then saw her trying to save Amanda Clarke at sea before her death. Most recently, in the mid-season finale of season 3, viewers saw Emily falling into the water after being shot by her new husband Daniel Grayson.

In Jan. 19′s Hatred Emily has her sights on destroying would-be couple Sarah and Daniel, who flaunt their relationship in front of her.

"With tension between Emily and Daniel at an all-time high, Emily makes it clear she is not giving up. However, her own instability could put everything she has worked for at risk," reads ABC's official synopsis of episode 13.

The new Mrs. Grayson invited Sarah's mother (Jayne Brook) to put Sarah to shame. Mrs Loretta Munello has good reason for wanting her daughter to be free of the Graysons -- and Daniel in particular. Fans remember that when Daniel and Sarah were dating before Emily showed up in The Hamptons, Daniel caused him and Sarah to get into a car accident when he was drunk driving. Sarah faced severe physical injuries, which Sarah's family blamed Daniel for.

Catch Revenge's Hatred Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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