Braxton Family Values is back this Thursday and more drama will ensue when the sisters discover that Mama Evelyn Braxton has a stalker.

In a sneak peak video released by WeTv, Evelyn informs her daughters that there is a man that has been constantly watching her every move and has even thrown a shoe at her.

"You know I have a stalker," Evelyn tells her daughters in the clip below. "He starts harassing, sitting outside my house," later adding, "This is a sick person."

The sisters decide to take matters into their own hands and enroll Evelyn in a self-defense class.

Meanwhile, the sisters seemed to have set their issues aside. In a deleted scene released by We, they will gather for a family dinner at Tamar and Vince's home. Though Towanda and Tamar had a heated argument last week, they appeared to have mended their differences.

"You know, it's interesting. Even if we have big and heated arguments and even though Tamar says some wild and crazy stuff out of her mouth and sometimes you want to punch her in the mouth and you don't, I don't have any ill feelings when I see my sisters," Towanda said.

Enstars reported yesterday that the sisters recently stopped by the Arsenio Hall show and dished on "dating."

Towanda cleared up rumors and said that she is only friends with Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart's ex-husband.

"You were seen with Kordell, wassup?" Hall asked.

"He's a nice guy. I like him like I like you," Towanda told Hall.