Though rumors have been buzzing about Braxton Family Values star Towanda Braxton hooking up with Porsha Stewart's ex-husband Kordell Stewart, the truth was revealed during a recent appearance on the Arsenio Hall show.

The Braxton sisters--Toni Braxton, Trina Braxton, Traci Braxton and Towanda, along with mom Evelyn Braxton recently stopped by the Arsenio Hall show where they opened up about dating.

Hall was determined to get to the bottom of the rumors surrounding Towanda and Kordell and asked her if they were dating.

"You were seen with Kordell, wassup?" Hall asked.

Towanda blushed and confirmed that the two are only "friends."

"He's a nice guy. I like him like I like you," Towanda told Hall.

"But yall went out," Hall fired back at the reality star.

Towanda admitted that she and Kordell went out on a casual movie date.

Towanda is still married to her husband Andre Carter, though they are legally separated. They still live together and they have two children.

"Me being on the road all the time with my sisters and filming and stuff, I needed someone there of course with my kids and if I'm not there, their father should be there. That's it," she said in an interview back in 2011. 

Meanwhile, Trina, who filed for divorce from estranged husband Gabe Solis, was spotted wearing her wedding ring on the show. She revealed if things don't work out with her and Solis, she'll start dating women.

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