Many fans of Grey's Anatomy are probably wondering if April will choose Jackson or stay with Matthew when the show returns, but it seems her decision may not be that simple.

"It's incredibly tense and there are going to be a lot of regrets either way," actor Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, recently told TV Guide of April's choice.

Williams also teased that his character will face new challenges at his job.

"He is really going to have to find a balance between his personal relationships and his bias and the fact that the Avery Foundation runs everything, but he's very junior to some of the other attendings," he said.

Other characters will also face some troubles when the season returns, including Dr. Jo Wilson, who will have to deal with some serious baby drama.

"Stephanie and Jo are out in the back of the hospital by the dumpsters, which is the new cool intern hangout, and Stephanie accidentally kicks a box, and there's a baby in it," actress Camilla Luddington, who plays Dr. Jo on the show, told TVLine.

"And so we find this dumpster baby, which, of course, is very difficult for Jo because she has abandonment issues. And she is not on the case, and she really wants to be working on it."

When TVLine asked if Jo and Alex Karev, the doctor she's been dating, are ready for children, the actress replied, "They're still trying to figure themselves out."

Grey's Anatomy returns for the second half of season 10 on Thursday, Feb. 27 on ABC.