Hopes for reconciliation between Rob (Marc Baylis) and Tracy (Kate Ford) may be dashed in the newest episode of Coronation Street.

Rob Kisses Tina?

After Tracy learned that Rob shared a kiss with Tina (Michelle Keegan) in the backyard of the Rovers before Christmas, she attacked Tina and broke things off with Rob as a result. Though Rob's sister, Carla (Alison King) tries to help Rob forget about Tracy by setting him up on a date with Tina, he confesses that he wants Tracy back.

However, Rob will soon learn that to cope with the break-up, Tracy has begun selling all of his stuff, which will make him livid with her, and could possibly ruin all hopes for reconciliation between the pair.

Tracy Breaks-Up With Rob Over Kiss With Tina?

In an interview with Radio Times, Baylis talked about the troubled couple's chances, and warned that if they did get back together, that Tracy could still find herself heart-broken again.

When asked if he thought Rob could potentially stray from Tracy again, Baylis conceded it was a possibility.

"It depends on how much Tracy rubs him the wrong way! He might do it in the future to be spiteful, who knows?" Baylis said. "It all depends on who comes along. But his feelings for Tracy are becoming more and more obvious to him, so I think he'll be learning from his mistake for the time being."

Meanwhile, Anna (Debbie Rush) put Owen's (Ian Puleston-Davies) business deal with Phelan (Connor McIntyre) in jeopardy by calling Phelan a conman. Realizing her mistake, she has now gone to make amends, but it could be too late.

Steve (Simon Gregson) will find himself in trouble with Michelle (Kym Marsh) when he complains about Lloyd (Craig Charles) and Andrea's (Hayley Tamaddon) relationship. After Michelle makes him sleep on the couch, he will confide in Andrea about how miserable he has been lately. His confession could lead to Andrea making one of her own.

Coronation Street airs Friday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. on ITV.