The next episode of The Young and the Restless  may be the beginning of major conflicts to come, especially with Ian Ward.

After Ian has Summer fill out the personality profile at his suite, he gets two more visitors - Nick and Dylan.

Avery Shocked By Dylan At Valentine's Day Gala As Stitch's Marriage Falls Apart?  

When he meets Nick, Ian talks about his mother and said he once knew her. This doesn't sit well with Nick, who punches Ian.

Both men tell Ian that he needs to leave Genoa City quickly. Dylan also adds that he better stay far away from Nikki. But, Ian doesn't seem worried and says he's unsure of when he'll leave.

Billy And Victoria To Divorce After Affair With Kelly?

Dylan later tells Avery that Ian could do something even crazier next.

Trouble also continues to follow Billy, who tries to get his wife to speak with him. This angers Victoria even more who brings up his infidelity with Kelly. She tells him to spill on all the details.

Billy explains that he met Kelly at the park and went to her house the same day Victoria was heading to D.C. That was also the same day Victoria and Billy slept together for the first time after Delia's death.

This little fact makes Victoria even more disgusted. Billy begs Victoria to forgive him for his actions one more time.

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