The next episode of The Young and the Restless will continue with more Ian Ward drama and will feature two arrests.

Nikki Finds Summer With Ian Ward & Does The Unthinkable?

In Ian's office, Nikki tells Summer that he isn't who he appears to be. While Summer insists that Ian is helping her find her way, Nikki tells her he's a con-artist and is up to no good.

After Summer leaves, Nikki hands Ian the bag of money. He opens it to find only $1 million instead of $5 million. Ian threatens Nikki that if he doesn't get the rest of his money, he will touch Summer.

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The two start to argue and Ian tells Nikki to stop playing the victim. Dylan and Nick then appear. Dylan gets tough with Ian, who claims that he won't repeat his actions.

Later on, Summer tells Paul about Ian. Nikki also reveals to her that Ian is Dylan's father.

Paul goes to Ian's office at the same time that Dylan is in his face. Paul notices the bag of money and Ian insists that it's his. But, Paul arrests Ian for extortion.

In the meantime, Chloe is in for some trouble of her own. As Chloe's talking to Kevin at the Chancellor Estate, the doorbell rings - it's the police coming to arrest her for taking Connor to Paris.

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