There will a lot more drama with Ian Ward on the next episode of The Young and the Restless.

Nick & Ian's Fight Gets Physical

As Nikki plays the piano at the ranch she receives a message on her phone. She opens it to find a picture of Summer and Ian.

She immediately calls Ian, who tells her she sounds upset and that "can't be good" for someone with amounted heath issues.

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To get Nikki even angrier, Ian begins to tease her about Summer. He even tells her to alert the police about her imaginary granddaughter.

They finally make a bargain - Nikki has to pay Ian $5 million to get rid of him. She hurriedly gets the bag of money ready. At that moment, Avery arrives with her will documents but she tells her she's in a rush and to just leave them on the table.

Nikki later arrives at the address Ian sent her and he opens the door. While he tries to pay Nikki a few compliments, she tells him to take the money and get lost.

She then hears Summer say "Grandma?" and she yells "Summer?"

In the meantime, Avery tells Dylan and Nick that Nikki acted strangely when he saw her. She also mentions the huge bag.

Faith hears Dylan say the name John Darwin, which is also the name of Summer's new friend. After Faith identifies John Darwn (Ian's alias) via an online photo, Nick and Dylan know they have to do something.

They head over to Ian's suite, but it's empty.

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