That massive moment Grey's Anatomy fans were waiting for finally happened as April made her life-changing decision on Thursday's episode.

Before season 10's hiatus, we saw Jackson interrupt April and Matthew's wedding and proclaim his love for the bride as she stood dumbfounded at the altar.

On last night's episode, "Take It Back," April revealed her decision by running out of the church with Jackson and driving away into the sunset. Viewers later discovered that Jackson and April even decided to get married. Pretty romantic, huh?

Many fans thinks so, judging by their tweets.

Sarah Drew, who plays April on the ABC show, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her character’s decision and said “it was done really well.”

Although Drew knew that her character was going to end up with Jackson since the beginning of the season, she was also stunned that the two doctors tied the knot.

“I didn’t know that they were going to get married immediately, so that was a surprise. It was fun. It was really cool and surprising,” she told EW.

But, let’s not forget about poor Matthew, who just lost the woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life wife. There’s also Stephanie, the woman Jackson left behind.

“I think he’s just so deeply humiliated and mortified that he’s not interested in talking to her or anyone she knows. He just can’t show his face,” Drew said. “It’s awful. Like, as awesome as it is that April and Jackson are together, what they did to Stephanie and Matthew is just horrific and so awful. They’ve left so much destruction in their wake.”