A pizza delivery guy in Los Angeles is potentially waiting for a very large tip on a delivery he made during the live Oscars broadcast on Sunday night.

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As part of a show-long gag by host Ellen DeGeneres about everyone getting hungry while just sitting in their seats, Edgar Martirosyan, the owner of Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria was brought in midway through the show to deliver slices of pizza to several stars including Chiwetel Ejiofer, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and Kerry Washington, among others. After the delivery was made, he reportedly went back to work at his restaurant.

During the delivery portion of the gag, DeGeneres started hitting up her fellow celebrities for tip money, first requesting cash from Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock, before moving on to producer Harvey Weinstein.

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Later in the show, she took music producer Pharrell's famous hat to collect money from the stars. Weinstein chipped in $200, while John Travolta put in $20. DeGeneres went on to request money from Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita N'yongo, who contributed her lip balm, Pitt and Ejiofor, who each threw $20 into the hat. Kevin Spacey also put $20 into the hat, but told the host it was for her.

However, despite DeGeneres receiving money for his tip, it is unclear if he actually received that money, as he has not commented on the amount he was paid.

It is possible he was aware of the gig in advance, as TMZ reports that he arrived at the star-studded event in a luxury SUV sent by Oscar producers, rather than his own car.

The pizza sketch wasn't DeGeneres' only successful gag of the night, as she and several other stars gathered in a group to take an epic selfie which set a new record for the largest number of re-tweets and crashed Twitter for 20 minutes.