Vikings is back in full swing for season two and now that Bjorn has returned, a love interest will be much of his storyline.

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The second season has introduced multiple new characters, including Porunn, played by French actress Gaia Weiss. During a recent interview, she opened up about Porunn and Bjorn's love affair and why it would be a pretty controversial conflict for him this season.

Porunn is a slave and while she just landed on the show, the Lothbrok family are her owners. Gaia shared a little of her character's background, saying, "Her parents were captured in a raid and therefore she's been a servant all her life. She's one of these teenagers that are a lot more mature, she's already a woman. She's been through a lot."

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As for her relationship with Bjorn, now that he is back in Kattegat, it's safe to say Porunn catches his eye.

"[The relationship] kind of challenges the taboo or the conventions because he's from a higher rank and she's a slave. They are not really clear about their relationship. At first it stays secret for a while."

Gaia revealed that it was her chemistry with Alexander Ludwig, who plays the adult Bjorn, that snagged her the role as Porunn in her first ever television series. She tried out last July with a demo tape before the producers invited her to the set. Still, it took her awhile to adjust after getting the part.

Gaia said, "Most of the actors already knew each other from the first series and beginning of the second.I didn't know anyone. My first day on set was really physical, you're going to see it in the first episode."

The show has already been slated to return for a third season. Vikings airs on The History Channel Thursdays at 10/9c. Check out the scene in which Bjorn and Porunn met in the video below and photos for the upcoming season in the slideshow.