Tim McGraw's newest song Lookin' For That Girl makes some wonder if his dream woman exists, even though he's been married to Faith Hill for more than 17 years.

Tim McGraw Talks Making Music With Wife

In his recent hit he sings about driving around all night, going to several parties and desperately looking for the woman of his dreams.

But it would be a little difficult, if not impossible, to find her based on his checklist.

Faith Hill Tells Tim McGraw to 'Get It Baby'?

For instance, "body like a honeycomb." What does that even look like? He also mentioned he wants a girl to "stay up and party all night, a love gunslinger and a little strawberry winer."  Still, it's safe to say that his wife is the closest one to fit the bill. Her hair could arguably be considered a field of gold. Hill left her husband speechless when she dazzled the crowd at ACM Awards recently. McGraw gushed about Hill's sparkling gown and revealed why he was obviously awed by his wife.

"I looked at her like that because she stunned me when she walked out 'cause she looked so beautiful. She didn't let me see the dress. She purposefully didn't let me see it so when she came out it threw me off guard.

While he was taken aback by her beauty, he confessed that sound issues were a factor in his reaction too.

"Plus I was having trouble hearing in my ears so I looked at her to sort of steady me a little bit as well. Gotta tell the truth."