'Orphan Black' Season 2 Spoilers: Creators Say "We Kicked The Shark" Ahead of Premiere Episode? [VIDEO]

BBC America's cult clone sci-fi series Orphan Black starring newcomer Tatiana Maslany, is back with a vengeance on a second season that promises to "kick the shark." Series starts Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America.

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Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, creators of Orphan Black, are not shrinking violets from an already pull-out-the-stops show. According to Wednesday's TVLine, Graeme said for season two, "'We kicked the shark.' We don't jump it. We just walk up there, kick it and run away," he chuckled. "Nobody will say we didn't go for it."

To really go for it, the creators live in a "place of fear" to find "show-stopping ideas." Star Jordan Gavaris, who plays Sarah's foster brother Felix, describes season 1 as "conception" and season 2 as "evolution". In the TVLine interview they explained next season promises more crazy clone conspiracy hijinks, inspiration from actual DNA patent news, not a lot of melodrama and the pushing both the dark and light tones in the show. Felix will probably be involved in a caper and have his relationships tested. The creators tease, "Maybe they're allies, maybe they're enemies." Furthermore, the relationship between Felix and Alison is going to evolve.

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As for the rookie of the year, Maslany, who plays English con artist Sarah Manning and a whole host of other characters, has already been nominated for a Golden Globe. She admits the whole she-bang has been pretty "surreal" so far. She tells Wednesday's Daily News, "The weird part going into this season is that we aren't this little Canadian thing anymore. We're getting a lot more attention. To do the show, you have to quiet the noise."­

Maslany is excited at where her characters, products of a mysterious cloning experiment, are going in season 2. "There's more freedom," she says. "We don't have to be likable all the time."

Last season, Sarah definitely pulled some unlikeable stunts - like killing fellow clone Helena, for one. "That made me sad," Maslany admits. "Helena was fun to play, very different from the others." Such characters happen to be: a Canadian soccer mom, a Minnesotan evolutionary development student, a Ukrainian assassin and a German cyberpunk.

Maslany told Tuesday's Rolling Stone that playing each character "feels like we're shooting a different movie every day. Even if I get comfortable in the process or I feel like I have an ownership over it, it doesn't stop evolving and I don't think I'd ever want it to. I want it to keep growing. As an actor, that's what I have to keep doing - making sure it doesn't get easy."

Having to act opposite oneself is definitely not easy. But after warming up to all the clones Maslany said, "I feel really lucky that I get this whole gamut of women to play."

Well, Orphan Black's fandom has multiplied just like Manning's clones - on the Twitterverse. Maslany, who at first "resisted Twitter," now thanks her fan movement online. "I get tweeted at a lot... It's crazy... [Fans] have a community and find a voice to express themselves. I don't think we'd have a show or a second season if not for the fans."

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