'Orphan Black' Season 2 Premiere: Felix 'Unapologetic' About LGBT Sex Life In New Episodes? [VIDEO]

In Orphan Black's season 2, Felix is definitely getting it on, and actor Jordan Gavaris, who plays him, couldn't be more happy about it.

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Gavaris spoke about revealing more of Felix's love life in Thursday's TVLine report. "We do see a lot more of his private life, which is really nice because, I've said before, there's this weird tendency that pop culture sometimes has to desexualize characters that are LGBT. So it's cool. That was something that attracted me immediately in the pilot - that he was very sexualized and it was out there. We aren't network TV, but we're not Cinemax either. We were cable, but we were doing it. We were going for it. And I'm glad we did because it just shows how unapologetic we are."

Gavaris' favorite Felix line? "Fetch me something gay."

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Show co-creator Graeme Manson also thinks society acts like LGBT sex and love is unnatural. "I mean, what's the fuss?" he said, "It's controversial and it shouldn't be. We want to be able to just let those variations in human sexuality exist like they do." Furthermore, delving deep into Felix's sex life allows the show to expound on core themes of human sexuality, biology and nature/nurture.

In an interview with The Backlot  on January 15, Gavaris praised the unabashedness of Felix's gayness, but remains hopeful that they will explore Felix's love and lust in "more of an intimate sense. I think the audience deserves that, I think the character deserves it. But it's also important, too, that we don't lose his sexuality because far too often characters who are gay on television - not gay characters but characters who are gay, I'm trying to make that distinction very clear - they're often desexualized for some bizarre reason... We've done the sex part... now I want to see the intimacy, I want to see vulnerability and I want to see him as a person. So I'm hopeful we'll get there."

Felix is the beloved foster brother of Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) who discovered she has been cloned in a genetics experiment. Season 2 will shed some light on their growing tensions.

"I think Felix is at a point where there will be a line drawn in the sand. Something will be a catalyst to him saying 'I don't know if I can do this anymore.' He literally dropped his entire life."

Make sure to catch up more with Felix and Sarah this Saturday. Orphan Black returns on BBC America April 19 at 9/8c.

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