Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, has been rumored to come back for a reunion, and the creators dished on the possibility that comes with unfortunate results.

David Schwimmer Coming Back To Television?

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, who revealed all the fans' answers to the question of the six characters from Central Perk ever coming back to reunite. It turns out that it's more than likely not going to happen.

"Honestly, I have to go back to: The show is over. What was at the heart of the show is done," Kauffman said. "And let's be honest, it's 20 years later. Nobody looks like they did then. And you're going to spend the whole time going, 'Wow, he's aged. Or she's...'"

Lisa Kudrow Dishes On A Friends Movie?

Crane mentioned that if anyone wants Friends, then they should turn on their TV's.

"People say they want it, and the more that we say it's a bad idea, people [disagree]," Crane said. "But I think if we actually gave it to people, there would be such backlash."

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