'Vikings' Season 2 Spoilers: Horik Set To Kill Ragnar's Son Bjorn In 'The Choice'? [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

A new Vikings episode The Choice airs this Thursday and promises to be nail-biting for everyone involved - especially Ragnar Lodbrok's eldest son, Bjorn.

Check out the latest sneak peek trailer of episode 9 of History Channel's big hit reported Wednesday's International Business Times.

"Bjorn reminds me of Odin's favorite son," King Horik says to Floki in the trailer.

"Nothing could injure Odin's favorite son," Floki responds.

What could King Horik's comparison of Bjorn to Odin's "favorite son" possibly mean?

Well, firstly, we knew a bloody battle was coming ever since King Horik endangered King Ecbert's son in a surprise attack - without telling Ragnar or Lagertha. The King is out for revenge against King Ecbert after the last failed raid at Wessex, but Ragnar has other ideas. Tensions grow between him and the Earl of Kattegat which he hinted at in Boneless, "The three of us are equals [including Lagertha], but one cannot be more equal than the other."

King Horik Betrays Ragnar, Surprise Attack on King Ecbert?

But does the rift between Ragnar and King Horik mean that the red-headed king might strike out against his beloved son?

International Business Times speculates that a hit against Bjorn might crush Ragnar, leaving King Horik in a position to take out King Ecbert his way. Their opposing views on how to deal with the King of Wessex (Ragnar = diplomacy for land, King Horik = slaughter for revenge) has caused much head butting, troops dividing and peeing on trees:

"King Horik, your behavior has made it very difficult to talk peace or negotiate with King Ecbert," Ragnar says to his ally.

"You seem to forget - I am king," Horik replies.

You may be king, but watch out King Horik, we all saw what happened to Jarl Borg when he messed with Ragnar's family. Blood Eagles anyone?

Blood Eagles and Ragnar's Other Son Revealed - Deformed And Boneless Ivar

Because of King Horik's surprise attack, Ragnar can rule out any possibility of a bloodless raid against the English king.

"We must do battle with Ragnar Lothbrok and his allies," King Ecbert says in the trailer.

Put your Viking helmets and shields on for another thrilling Vikings episode, The Choice Thursday at 10 p.m. on History Channel.

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