We're a little worried about Bjorn. The war against the Saxons was a complete and utter disaster leaving many Vikings dead, many Vikings deserting to fight as mercenaries for sex-starved Queen Kwenthrith, Rollo trampled by horses, and Ragnar forced to make a treaty with King Ecbert (at least he got his land). Not only that, but Ragnar and King Horik are still at each other's throats. Now, it looks like King Horik might enlist back-stabbing Floki to take Bjorn out in the season finale, "The Lord's Prayer". Is Bjorn safe?

Will King Horik Kill Ragnar's Beloved Son Bjorn?

Their spat really began when King Horik told the Earl of Kattegat to uninvite Jarl Borg from the raid - kind of like being unfriended on Facebook but with much bloodier consequences. Besides Jarl Borg getting Blood Eagled, another dire consequence was the Vikings vs. Saxons massacre in "The Choice".

Alpha-males Ragnar and King Horik fight for power over the other Vikings which causes most of them to die - painfully: dead pagans littered Wessex's grassy knolls proving that Ragnar was right. King Horik should have put his vendetta against King Ecbert down and listened to reason. (Ragnar even kind of throws it in his face, angering the red-headed king more).The only silver lining is that Bjorn is now renamed Bjorn The Ironside for bravery, and a broken Rollo is brought back to Kattegat.

Now with King Horik whispering in a Judas-turned Floki's ears about Bjorn, we can only guess the wickedness he might have in store.  Earlier they were whispering about how Bjorn was "Odin's favorite son" while looking at Bjorn and musing that no harm ever comes to him.  "The Choice" leaves us with King Horik saying to Floki at the end: "I have a proposition to put to you."  Hmmm...

Will Bjorn be used as a pawn in a power-play between the two rulers in the season's finale, "The Lord's Prayer"? 

The official synopsis was leaked according to Ace Showbiz:

"Ragnar and King Horik return to Kattegat and the final showdown between two Viking leaders is at hand. Ragnar has placed his trust in those who have stood by him and now the time has come for new alliances to be made."

That Had To Hurt! Rollo Trampled By Horses In "The Choice" Battle

So now, Ragnar trusts very very few people. Who will betray whom? Who will become the true Viking leader once and for all - Ragnar or King Horik?

Screen Rant predicts that Siggy will play a wild card in this asking, "Will she remain loyal to Rollo and help him protect his brother, or will she look to secure her place in history by aligning herself with Horik and Floki?"

The Vikings season finale, "The Lord's Prayer" airs Thursday , May 1 on The History Channel at 10/9c. Tune in to see!

Vikings "The Choice"