Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are still going strong after tying the knot nearly two years ago.

Ryan Reynolds 'Very Possessive' of His Wife?

The Green Lantern actor has been reportedly visiting his wife on the set of her newest movie, The Age of Adaline. Lively started filming the project in March of this year and Reynolds has already been spotted cozying up to his 26-year-old beauty at work for a quick meal while she prepared for her lead role as Adaline.

But it's not clear if he was there when she accidentally slipped and fell down a hill, causing a small, bloody gash on her hand recently. While her injury was minor, Lively was seen in obvious pain as she gasped at her hand before showing it off to her co-star. She sported a blue, zipped up cardigan with white print designs and a black shirt underneath paired with jeans. See pictures here.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively 'As Cute As Can Be'?

The Age of Adaline is Lively's newest film. Taking place in the 20th century Lively portrays Adaline, a girl who is healing from a nearly-tragic accident. But as a result of the accident she stops aging.

Lively recently opened up about her role with UK Vogue.

"...One of the most enticing parts of it is that it spans from the 1900s until now. The fashion is amazing, and my character gets to experience all of the different time periods and tell the story through fashion."

While Lively is no stranger to portraying a fashionista, she clarified that style isn't the most important aspect of the film.

"It's not a movie about fashion, but it's an integral part of who she is and the whole story."

The Age of Adaline, also starring Michael Huisman (Game of Thrones), Harrison Ford, Amanda Crew and Kathy Baker. It hits theaters in 2015.