The season finale to one of the most epic shows on television, History Channel's Vikings is here in the form of a prayer: The Lord's Prayer,  which airs on Thursday, May 1. Siggy's been sleeping with King Horik throughout the season to gain supremacy. But now, in episode 10, he asks her to do the unthinkable... Will she kill Ragnar's young son?

We're A Little Worried About Bjorn...

As fans of the show know, King Horik and the Earl of Kattegat have been peeing on trees for a while now, trying to see who is greatest in the Viking world. It's really a rank vs. power situation. King Horik has the higher rank, but Ragnar commands more power from the other Vikings. And the red-headed king is hotter than a red hornet's nest about this.

Thanks to an epic trailer, we finally see what King's Horik's evil plan is.

Ouch! Can Rollo Survive Being Trampled By Horses?

Siggy says, "Is it not obvious? Ragnar's weakness is his children."

King Horik: "Then this is what you must do, you must go to the great hall at sunset, and you must kill Ragnar's young sons."

The King Horik tells his own young son, "The Gods have spoken, and I have listened."

The trailer ends with a visage of Ragnar's face covered in blood.

Siggy does have motive. After Ragnar killed her husband she lost the power and prestige of being an earl's wife. She has since climbed the social ladder to becoming Lagertha's handmaiden and Rollo's lover, but she is yet unsatisfied and she told the Seer this. Perhaps killing Ragnar's boy will quench her desire. Siggy, who has also been sleeping with King Horik, doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, but can she get them bloody?

As for Ragnar himself, King Horik asks Ragnar's former best friend Floki to take him out. Although the riddle-talking Floki has his grievances with the earl, he's obviously surprised at the idea murdering him.

FInally, King Horik even gives his young son a sword saying:

"Today we must do something extraordinary. You must overcome the magic of Ragnar Lothbrok."

King Horik definitely covers his bases (without getting his hands dirty).

Somebody going to die in the season finale but who will it be?

The Vikings season finale, The Lord's Prayer airs Thursday, May 1 on The History Channel at 10/9c. Tune in to see!

"The Lord's Prayer" Season Finale Promo