Last week, R&B singer Ciara, 28, posted gorgeous photos of her pregnant W Magazine photo shoot on her Instagram. She also let the world know just where her baby likes to kick her.

Prego And Lovin' It Ciara Poses For W Magazine, Wears Future's Clothes

"If You Really Look, He's Laying To On Side. This is Where He Lays A lot:) Imagine Being Kicked In The Same Spot Over and Over:) I Must Say It's The Only Kicks I Like. I Say Ouch and Smile Everytime:) @Wmag," she posted on her Instagram page.

225 thousand likes later, her followers responded with a chorus of support and love:

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_insta_p "Enjoy every moment and f your pregnancy!! Speaking from experience...its the best part of be pregnant, the little kicks and turns."

_simple_beautyy_"You are beautiful Preg && You're going to be an AMAZING mommy. Don't EVER let what anyone say phase you. Your life is now living through your child's veins as well. Greatest gift you could ever have. I am a fan and I wish the best for your new and growing family. #CongratsCC #SimplyGorgeous."

jasmine__511__"The kicks don't hurt lol"

misfitdash "You're having a boy!!!!! Yayy!!!"

Ciara did indeed look amazing in her recent W Magazine shoot in which she admitted to raiding her fiancé Future's closet in an earlier Enstars report.

"Pregnancy has been a great fashion challenge because you can't wear things that you used to wear but you still want to feel like who you are," Ciara told W. "I have to pay some credit to my fiancé's closet, because I have worn probably all of his clothes."

About her taking all these pregnancy shots she told W:

"People are going to be like, 'What are you doing?'" She gestured at what Future calls the "growing basketball" in their lives. "It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough," she said. "I like not being so perfect."

The mommy-to-be posted her fashion spread, and many other pregnancy shots all over Instagram. Why all the documentation? She told W:

"My mom and I don't have a lot of photos of my early years," she explained. "So I decided we should document everything. This is one of those moments you can't repeat."

After delivering her baby, Ciara plans to hit the gym, plan her wedding to Future, and drop her next album "really soon," which she claims is her best yet.

"I don't want to sound too cocky," Ciara says. "But I consider myself superwoman."

Her nearly nine million followers couldn't agree more.

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