'Terminator 5' News: Former 'Doctor Who' Star Getting Killed Off By Arnold Schwarzenegger In 'Genesis' Movie? [RUMORS, VIDEO]

Dr. Who's Matt Smith, the latest addition to the cast of Terminator 5: Genesis, spoke about getting killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in an interview on Monday at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Minneapolis.

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The actor shared his excitement at being part of the iconic sc-fi franchise.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the Terminator franchise because those movies - those first two movies particularly - were brilliant. It's very exciting," he said.

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When asked about how he would feel if he were to become Schwarzenegger's -- who is reprising his role as the cyborg in Terminator 5 -- victim in this film. The actor seemed to hint at the fact that that wouldn't be happening. "If Arnold killed me on screen - yeah but then I wouldn't be in it anymore!" he said.  

According to a Deadline report dated May 2, Smith was the final major piece in the casting and will be playing a new character who will be John Connor's ally. The British actor is going to be an integral part of the new trilogy Terminator 5 will start up.

At the event Smith also spoke about how he grew up watching Schwarzenegger play the cyborg and wreak havoc in the films.

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"Anyone our sort of age has an affection for those films. It's like my childhood seeing Arnold [Schwarzenegger] throw people from trucks. What's not to like about that?" he said.

Terminator 5 is being directed by Alan Taylor and is scheduled to release in July 2015. 

Watch the trailer for The Terminator:

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