That was epic. The ending to Vikings Season 2, The Lord's Prayer, gave us the death of King Horik in unbelievable fashion. Basically, Ragnar guts him with a bloody knife. Now as Ragnar looks out across the mountaintops, he comes to grips with the reality that he is now king. So where does he want to raid next? Paris!

Ragnar Takes On Paris

Creator Michael Hirst reveals Ragnars' new ambitions in an interview with The Huffington Post on May 2 :

The new king wants to establish "colonies elsewhere... getting his folks farming in different places. He's very serious about that. It's not the sexiest idea in the world, but it's a real thing for him."

Of course Ragnar's now got to worry about the payback of King Horik's son Erlendur, who is the only one of King Horik's family he did not kill. The daughters were murdered. The servant girls survived. Ragnar didn't kill the boy because he thought the boy might be like-minded in terms of farming ambitions. (Erlendur had dirt in his pocket).

Says Hirst, "He spares him. But, of course, that turns out to be a terrible decision in the end."

Hirst sticks to history to accurately portray the Parisian attack:

"The attack on Paris is a very, very famous event in history. Paris was this extraordinary city that the Romans had built, and [at that time, it was] on an island in the middle of the Seine. It had walls around it and towers and everything. And the Vikings attacked it with a hundred ships."

A hundred ships?

"It was an extraordinary event. The siege of Paris lasted a long time and led to many, many unexpected things. I've warned everyone in production -- 'Hey, guys, I'm afraid in Season 3 we attack Paris with a hundred ships. So I hope you're ready.'"

And not only that, Ragnar might take on America too!

"Yes. I've said that the show is not going to end until we discover America."

Death Of King Horik In Vikings Finale

Not sure too many Americans would want to meet Ragnar Lothbrok face to face  in the good ol' U.S of A. 

Stay tuned to updates on the return of History Channel's Vikings.

Ragnar Kills King Horik