The King speaks at last. Actor Donal Logue, who plays King Horik on The History Channel's hit show Vikings, has spoken on what's going to happen to King Horik in tonight's season finale The Lord's Prayer. Will he finally exact revenge on his rival Ragnar Lothrok or will it be his head that gets the battle axe?

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Thursday's The Hollywood Reporter caught an exclusive interview with the king.

"Things right now are [Horik] saying, 'This dude's gotta go and his family's gotta go with him.' That's the plan," Logue reveals to The Hollywood Reporter.

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King Horik is demanding that Siggy and Floki prove their loyalty to him by killing someone that matters to them: Earl Ragnar. They're "in a tough spot because they don't know which horse to back," Logue says. "If they back the king, he probably has more resources and material, or their friend Ragnar, but maybe he's overlooked them too or hasn't always been the bet to Rollo."

Like everyone else, Logue expects a Ragnar Vs. King Horik alpha-dog smackdown.

"Playing one of these guys whose game is power and how to maintain power, how to increase their faith or wealth, [they're] using people a bit like pawns to help their game," Logue says. "If there are two alpha dogs in the backyard, something's got to give. I knew the journey was coming to a him-versus-him thing."

When it comes to death don't expect any sappy sympathy here. The world of the Vikings is not for the faint of heart. Death is just another part of life:

Says Logue, "It was a brutal time and Horik came to power in a brutal way and had been the recipient of a lot of backstabbing, nasty Dark Ages politics, so he doesn't have a sympathetic view over any of this stuff... It's all about expedience [for him]. He had a different take on life and death and death was actually something that he looked forward to on the battle field."

So who will survive this epic showdown? One can speculate that King Horik might be the one to go, given that Logue is "Tied to some other jobs," (particularly Fox's Batman prequel Gotham).

"But I don't want to give anything away. Things can happen. They can focus on another storyline, and I can come's a pretty traumatic conclusion," Logue adds of tonight's finale. "This [finale] ties up a lot of loose ends."

Tune in tonight to The History Channel for Vikings The Lord's Prayer at 10/9c.

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