In a recent interview, Robert King, co-creator of The Good Wife, said that at the end of the finale on May 18 fans will get "a real sense that a new chapter is starting."

Alicia and Peter's Sham Marriage Exposed as She is Linked with Finn Polmar?

Speaking to TVLine, King also revealed that there will be "a lot of swinging on Alicia and Diane's decisions." King also suggested that fans are in for a bit of a shock as the tension between Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) will touch a new high. In fact the "explosive scene" even caught Margulies and Czuchry by surprise. "They found this new level [in their relationship]."

The preview for the finale runs with a few dramatic tag lines:

Finale To End With A 'Cliffhanger' Relating To Alicia's Shocking 'Decision'? 

"Loyalty will be tested, lines will be crossed"

At one point Alicia is seen telling Cary, "They're going to destroy us in 48 hours." The "they" Alicia is referring to seems to be Lockhart/Gardner and as is evident by the synopsis the show's big reveal might be Lockhart/Gardner trying to ambush Alicia and Cary.

First Look Finale PHOTOS Reveal Something Brewing Between Diane and Finn Polmar?  

Here's the official synopis for the finale:

"An open feed from a camera mistakenly left on after a teleconferenced deposition between the lawyers of Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner reveals a threat to the firm that Alicia and Cary never saw coming. Meanwhile, the fate of Lockhart/Gardner hangs in the balance as Louis Canning views for a larger role. Also, Alicia entrusts Zach's high school graduation party to Jackie and Veronica, on the fifth season finale of The Good Wife."

A Weird Year will air on May 18 on CBS.

Watch the preview for the finale here: