Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back Monday and one of the other main storylines will begin to unfold that deals with Kirk Frost and wife, Rasheeda. 

In an interview with, the men of the VH1 series--Frost, Lil Scrappy and newbie Young Joc all sat down to discuss the events that take place during the season. 

Frost defended his action to pursue a DNA testing for his on Karter because he wanted to be 100% sure that he was the father. 

"I found out I had a kid, bout to be 18-years-old. The baby moms was in another relationship and the dude decided to check, and found out it wasn't his kid. So then she came to me, this is 3-4 years ago. So, I go take the DNA test and find out that it's my child. First of all, you took away some moments that I'll never get back, and the crazy part was him and my first son was in the same class. They could've fought each other, anything could've happened, they didn't know they were brothers," he said.

"I'm not saying that every woman is like that and that Rasheeda is like that, and I'm not saying this to try to sound silly. I just saying that a baby comes out of a woman's stomach, they know that's they child cause they see it come out they vagina [and say] it's yours. I'm about to go get that test and check." He continued, "I'm dark skin. Every time I turn around 'oh you got a light skin kid.'"

Frost then revealed that one of the main reason why he decided to get a paternity test was because Karter looked "light skinned," adding that he resembled rapper, T.I.

"It [Karter] looks like Rasheeda and you know it bothers you and it begins to settle in. It's like mental torture, you be looking at your kid... I would have T.I. walk by and they talking about he looks just like T.I.," he said.